about us

The core of businesses is composed of professionals in their field, which aims to provide high-quality and professional solutions to customers, building on their own and colleagues experience, and continuously building on their knowledge when attending courses and seminars


It is important for us to set deadlines within which we can develop work and hold firm on it


We take responsibility for each work that has been developed


We have important quality of work, each work being developed with the idea that it is our own work that presents us as professionals



ALBRO GROUP shall develop projects for heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC), heating supply networks and technical room for heating systems, as well as experience in the development of solar collector systems, ground/water heat pumps, steam systems solutions.


In company works BVKB certified HVAC system expert-examination of a building design, who provide evaluation regarding conformity of the technical solution in the building design.

contact us


Biekensalas street 26, Riga, Latvia


Tel. : +371 29241831

E-mail : info@albrogroup.eu

legal services

Tel. : +371 29352347

E-mail : inese@albrogroup.eu


We are constantly looking for young talents and emerging professionals who want to develop themselves and find a place of work where they will feel appreciated.